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Plasticizer Mfg. company as a pioneer has started producting industrial plasticizers, mainly Dibutle Phethalate (D.B.P) in iran ...


Industrial Plasticizers :

A large portion of this category is result of reaction between aliphatic and aromatic acids with a range of alcohols, these products have usage as diluents and additives in most plastics and polymers to improve their end uses chemical and mechanical properties, and make them flexible wherever is needed.

Alkylated Amino Resins :

These resins are used as crosslink agent for alkyd, acrylic, and polyester resins to provide a wide rang of baking paints and coatings, these resins have a large variety depending to kind of amine and alcohols which have been used in their structure and furthermore the degree of polymerization.

Saturated Polyester Resins:

These resins are in both liquid and powder form offered in the market and are used to produce stoving paints and coating which have different application in can & coil coating, automobile and house appliance.

Alkyde Resins :

Alkyds are result of esterification between aliphatic and aromatic acid and different polyols which followed up by modifying with vegetable and animal oils to improve their final usage properties.These products are used broadly in both architectural and industrial paints and lacquers.

Plasticizer Mfg. company as a pioneer has started producting industrial plasticizers, mainly Dibutle Phethalate (D.B.P) in iran since 1980 which have made appreciable aids to national independence in this field.
 Since 1990, this company in order to attain new varieties in this products has developed some amini resins such as U/F urea formaldehyde and M/F melamine formaldehyde and a few years later some of other synthetic resins such as alkyd and saturated polyester resins for paint and coating industries.
At present, in additional to provide our product for inner customers the company has successfully exported, significant amount of resins and plasticizers.
We wish to receive our customer`s recommendation to achieve progress in our job and product`s quality improvrmrnt.

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Coconut short oil alkyd resin


Soya short oil alkyd resin


Iso butylated Urea formaldehyde resin


Butylatad melamine formaldehyde resin


S.polyester resin General stoving enemails


S.polyester Resin Coil coating & Primer


S.polyester Resin Can coating


Triminol(T.O.T.M), تری اکتیل تری ملیتیت, اولین تولید کننده T.O.T.M در ایران,مهاجرت به سطح کم,Trioctyl trimelitate, اولین تولید کننده روغن های نرم کننده در ایران,panel skins

Adipanol (D.O.A)

Dioctyl adipate, روغن D.O.A,

plastinol 110 (D.I.B.P)

Di iso butyl phthalate

plastinol 100 (D.B.P)

Di butyl phthalate

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